10 Things you should know about Heat Pumps

10 Things you should know about Heat Pumps

01 October 2021 |  Articles

Almost any purchase deserves careful consideration that proves it can stand up to fair comparisons. Moreover, when it affects your quality of life and the peaceful enjoyment of your Toronto home, you need to know the facts that can influence your decision-making. The growing acceptance of heat pumps occurs because of the benefits that they provide. Ten reasons to choose them give you some important aspects to consider.

Comparing Heat Pump Benefits

General information about heat pumps seems readily available, but you need the specifics when you think about buying one. Easier to install than you may imagine, they take little time and require no renovation. The advantages of a heat pump may persuade you to switch to new technologies that provide many benefits.

1. Cheaper than Oil or Gas
While you may never use price as a determining factor in a purchasing decision, it significantly influences most people. Heat pumps have an advantage in providing cost savings because they use neither gas nor oil. Without burning anything, they can effectively heat and cool your home.

The technology in heat pumps allows them to work more efficiently than a furnace by consuming far less energy. While an oil or gas furnace can create hot or cold spots, heat pump designs provide an advantageous alternative. By moving the heat instead of generating it, they make more comfortable living spaces with greater economy.

2. Long Life Span
Another factor that can influence your buying decision concerns how long you can expect a heat pump to last. Among the choices of HVAC systems that you may consider, heat pumps offer the longest life span. The quality of a system affects its durability, of course, and the better products tend to last longer.

Still, heat pumps have an average life expectancy of 15 years. However, the superior engineering in Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps allows them to last for as much as 30 years with regular maintenance. Similarly, Bosch systems have an outstanding record of performance with long-lasting products in Toronto weather. Again, a program of regular maintenance helps ensure the durability of high-quality products.

3. Safer, No Combustion Process
Cold weather extremes force you to control indoor temperatures and create comfortable living spaces. However, you may have experienced concerns about the potential for accidents in oil or gas furnaces. Until the advanced technology in heat pumps offered a viable alternative, you had little choice but to use traditional HVAC equipment.

While it may seem difficult to imagine, heat pumps can heat or cool your home without burning anything. Never again having to worry about an explosion in the basement can contribute to your contentment. Likewise, a decision to avoid the risk of combustion can provide peace of mind while it produces a reliably comfortable indoor environment.

4. Heater and Air Conditioner
The cost savings and reduced space requirements of an HVAC system that can heat and cool make heat pumps an option worth considering. The difference between the way they work and traditional systems allows them to serve your Toronto home in all seasons. When you need warmth, a heat pump can bring energy in from the outside.

It moves the hot air to the outside during the summer and creates comfortably cooling, dry air. Heat pumps have long held reputations for serving as an air conditioner to cool stuffy and humid indoor air. However, advanced technology enables them to provide heat as well.

5. Improved Air Quality
The risk of a carbon monoxide leak from a furnace can create a disquieting effect on your enjoyment of warm air. Even with detectors, you may have a persistent worry about air quality. Heat pumps offer an innovative alternative to stale and stagnant air that may accumulate with traditional HVAC systems.

With the exchange of indoor air for fresh air outside, heat pumps have a built-in advantage. In addition, their filtration systems can remove pollutants and irritants from the air you breathe. When you can heat or cool your living spaces without bringing combustible fuels inside, you achieve an improvement in air quality.

6. Heat Pumps Can Work When You Use a Natural Gas Furnace
When you can combine traditional HVAC systems with the innovative technology in heat pumps, you can create a hybrid that gives you the benefits of both. The familiar cycle of your gas furnace shows its attempts to produce the temperature that you set for it. However, you can improve its performance with the longer run cycle that heat pumps provide.

With your gas furnace as a backup, your heat pump can produce more efficiency from the electricity that it consumes. Aside from providing a more consistent temperature, the combination of both systems improves the performance of older and less efficient furnace technology.

7. Energy Efficiency
As a way to save money and protect the planet simultaneously, energy efficiency appeals to almost everyone. Heat pumps help you do it by transferring heat instead of generating it. The difference may seem small, but it can significantly impact your energy bill and the environment.

A reversal of the process of controlling indoor temperatures introduces an innovative way to use technology. Mitsubishi and Bosch both have long records of producing breakthrough advances that provide access to an improved quality of life. In addition, the minimal use of electricity lets you put scientific advances to work for you.

8. Minimal Noise
It may seem reasonable to think you can put up with any noise when it lets you enjoy cooled or heated living spaces. In actual experience, you know that idea does not hold up under scrutiny. A decibel count (dBA) measures the sounds that occur every day, and heat pumps rank near the bottom of the scale. The Centers for Disease Control cites the sound of normal breathing at 10 dBA and a soft whisper at 30 dBA. The noise of a high-quality heat pump falls between those two sound levels.

9. Fossil Free
The availability of information about the damage fossil fuels cause to the environment increases awareness that may aid your purchasing decision. Heat pumps prevent the need for fossil fuels through technology that moves heat instead of generating it. As fossil-free heating and cooling equipment, it reduces the impact of temperature controls on the environment. When you replace an outdated oil or gas-powered furnace with a heat pump, you contribute to the environmental efforts to protect the planet.

10. Eligible for Greener Home Grant Program
Concerns about Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions led to a government program that rewards homeowners for supporting environmental objectives. You may qualify for up to $5,000 in Canada’s Greener Homes Grant for providing more energy efficiency in your home and fighting climate change. In addition, we can help you book an appointment for a qualifying audit. Call to let us assist your efforts to protect the environment as you make your home more comfortable and more affordable