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BOSCH Climate 5000 Heat Pump

Evaluating the BOSCH Climate 5000 Series:


Bosch Climate 5000 Heat PumpDuctless heating and air conditioning from Bosch is designed for small to large sized homes and you may want to consider a BOSCH Climate 5000 Heat Pump. With the system, you can reduce your electric bill and save on electricity.


Heat and cooling efficiency are both A++ on Bosch Climate 5000. Filter systems eliminate up to 95% of dust, smoke and pollen. Due to low noise levels and stylish design, the products are extremely quiet and compact. Climate 5000 uses an energy-saving refrigerant, R32.


This Bosch single split unit has an indoor unit size of 4 depending on the capacity. Commercial units with capacities of up to 14kW come in wall-mount boxes, cassettes, and ducted units. The multi split unit can have as many as five indoor wall-mounted and cassette units. Home and office use is possible with this type of unit.


Bosch offers condensing, solar thermal, heat pumps, and combined heat and power systems across multiple markets. Bosch Home Appliances simplify daily life with their dependable, attractive, and easy-to-use products.

The company's goal is to create products that are useful as and when they are needed, while seamlessly blending into the home environment when not in use.

Enhanced Home Comfort


Inverter drive technology allows us to achieve up to 25 SEER in our ENERGY STAR rated systems. A Climate 5000 Ductless System maintains a consistent level of temperature and humidity at a low level of noise.


Too little space? No problem!


Climate 5000 Heat Pumps can be easily installed in the majority of environments. Ductwork is not necessary, making renovations less messy. Connecting the indoor and outdoor units is done through a 3-inch hole in the wall where electricity, refrigerant, and condensate drain lines are connected. Therefore, it is less intrusive and easier to install.

Achieving a better indoor air quality


Its several filters prevent dust and odors from entering the air. It is also easily maintained so dust, pollen, mites, and other particles are trapped, improving indoor air quality. 


We offer easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, and state-of-the-art domestic hot water solutions from the Bosch Group.


Key Features of the Bosch Climate 5000 Series

Bosch Climate 5000 Heat Pump SeriesFeaturing easy installation, maintenance, and cleaning, the Bosch Climate 5000 Ductless Series is highly efficient. With Bosch Climate 5000 series, shorter service times are possible due to superior quality. SEER ratings of up to 25 can be achieved by the system's efficient technologies, which lower your electricity bill as a result.


The Bosch Climate 5000 Series includes two models, Regular and Max Performance, both suitable for use in single or multiple zones. Units are capable of being operated in one zone for Light Commercial. 


The following features are available:


  • Temperature range: -5°F to 5°F, 100% heating capacity
  • Operating at whisper-quiet levels
  • Wall-mounted thermostat
  • All ODU models are equipped with built-in base pan heaters
  • There are built-in condensate pumps in cassette and ducted IDUs
  • Residential warranties include 10 years for the compressor and 5 years for parts
  • Compatible with Bosch Connected Control Wifi Thermostats

Best-in-class performance


An inverter air conditioner offers a variety of benefits:


  • Rapid temperature rise via cooling and heating
  • Temperature is maintained with minimal fluctuations
  • Changing the power output according to demand increases energy efficiency
  • Low operating frequencies and high SEER ratings most of the time mean considerable energy savings
  • Using a DC inverter compressor and an exterior fan motor, you can control both the quantity and the flow of air.
  • The inverter's compressor does not peak at high voltage, and its startup current is much lower than that of a compressor without an Inverter.


High efficiency is achieved with Bosch's Climate 5000's DC Inverter technology. Modulators are air conditioners with a compressor and motor working in sync to produce cold or warm air. Both indoor and outdoor compressor fans have brushless DC motors. They are quiet and energy-saving, and they are economical.


Inverters offer numerous advantages over AC units without them:

  • Achieve a constant temperature by cooling and heating quickly.
  • For energy efficiency and to reduce compressor start-ups and shutdowns, the machine adjusts its output based on the demand.
  • When possible, use the SEER-highest rate system to save energy
  • A DC inverter compressor and an exterior fan motor allow the machine to operate over a much wider range of air flow and volume.
  • Compressors with inverters operate with much lower startup current than those without.


5000 Heat Pumps are easy to install. No ductwork is needed, so renovations are simpler. Electricity, refrigeration, and condensate drain lines connect the indoor and outdoor units. It is virtually invisible and easy to install.


For quiet, efficient operation, Bosch Climate 5000 Heat Pump systems are built with high-quality materials.


Heat pump technology is relatively new to Canada, despite being widely used in other parts of the world that have abundant renewable energy sources. Water heaters and heating systems utilize outdoor heat pumps to generate the heat required for circulation. Circulating pumps move heat from a heat source to a heat sink or heat source.

Bosch Climate 5000 Series Installation and Services


Our energy solutions are tailored to each home since no two are the same. Among our services are furnaces, water heaters, boilers, and air conditioners. We love BOSCH heat pumps, but you may also want to consider a Mitsubishi Zuba Heat Pump also.



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