Vitocal 100-AW Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Viessmann Vitocal 100-AW

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Experience the next level of home comfort with the Viessmann Vitocal 100-AW Air-to-Water Heat Pump. Engineered with precision, this innovative system provides both heating and cooling solutions, ensuring your home remains comfortable year-round. Its eco-friendly design emphasizes energy efficiency, helping you lower your environmental impact and utility bills.

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Efficient and Future-Ready

The Vitocal 100-AW Air-to-Water Heat Pump is a comprehensive solution for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water needs. It features a complete system with an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and a 20-gallon steel buffer tank. Available in three sizes—1.5, 3.0, and 4.3 tons for cooling, and 20.5, 34.0, and 58 MBH for heating—it offers versatility to suit various home sizes and requirements.

It's equipped with R32 low GWP refrigerant, making it a sustainable choice for the future. With its efficient operation, the Vitocal 100-AW reduces utility bills significantly, boasting efficiencies up to 4.9 COP and 16.8 EER.

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Low Maintenance and Flexible Applications

Low Maintenance and Flexible Applications

The Vitocal 100-AW is not only cost-effective in terms of low maintenance and operating costs but also versatile in its applications. It can be used for radiant heating, forced air, chilled panel applications, and domestic hot water heating. Additionally, it offers flexible auxiliary heating options and comes installation-ready with integrated fittings.

User-Friendly and Adaptable

The indoor unit features an integrated controller for simple setup and control, with options for continuous pumping and outdoor reset. The system can be configured in a European Style with included sensors or in a North American style with a third-party thermostat.

The Vitocal 100-AW is adaptable to various heating and cooling strategies, making it a flexible solution for any home.

User-Friendly and Adaptable

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Seize the chance to elevate your home's comfort with the Vitocal 100-AW Air-to-Water Heat Pump. Exceptional efficiency, innovative technology, and a focus on sustainable operation, it's a wise choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Key Benefits of the Vitocal 100-AW


High Efficiency

Achieve up to 4.9 COP and 16.8 EER for reduced utility bills and low ownership costs, thanks to minimal maintenance requirements.


The system uses R32 refrigerant with a low GWP of 675 kg/CO₂ equivalent, making it a sustainable choice.


Suitable for various applications, including radiant heating, forced air, chilled panel, and domestic hot water.


Comes with integrated auxiliary electric heat, dual fuel switch compatibility, and installation-ready fittings for a seamless setup.

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Viessmann Vitocal 100-AW Air-to-Water Heat Pump

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