Best Cold Climate Heat Pump

A cold climate Heat Pump is designed to operate efficiently, even when the outside temperature is as low as -30°C (-22°F)

A cold climate heat pump is a type of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that is designed to operate efficiently in cold temperatures. These heat pumps use a refrigerant to transfer heat from the outside air (or ground) into the home.

Since they are designed to operate efficiently even when the outside temperature is as low as -30°C (-22°F), a heat pump will also use less energy than traditional heating systems, providing additional saving on energy bills.

The Mitsubishi Electric Zuba and MXZ H2i® series uses advanced technology to provide heat even when the outside temperature is as low as -30°C (-22°F).

With the exception of geothermal systems, heat pumps have earned a reputation as a cost-effective heating solution. 

Zuba Cold Climate Heat Pump:
Revolutionary Heating & Cooling

Zuba Cold Climate Heat PumpThe Zuba Heat Pump, designed by Mitsubishi Electric, is specifically made to operate efficiently in cold climates. It uses advanced technology Hyper-Heat variable compressor speed inverter (VCSI) technology and an advanced defrost mechanism to extend and continue heating even in temperatures as low as -30°C.

These features allow the Zuba heat pump to operate at 100% capacity and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without the need for a backup heating source.

Zuba Heat Pump uses Mitsubishi Electric's revolutionary "hot-start technology", generating immediate warmth and reducing drafts, helping to keep your home comfortable throughout the winter. 

For extreme low temperatures, an auxiliary electric resistance heater can be added to the system to provide additional heat. This component only operates when additional heat is needed and works in tandem with the Zuba Heat Pump to ensure your home remains warm and comfortable even in the most extreme cold weather.

Using energy-efficient green technologies, Zuba Heat Pumps remove the need for fossil fuels to power your HVAC System. It replaces traditional R-22 refrigerant with ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant to improve overall performance while benefiting the environment.

Variable Compressor Speed Inverter Technology
Traditional HVAC systems are an all-or-nothing technology. They cycle on at full capacity and blast you with heated or cooled air until the thermostat setting is reached. Then, they cycle off. The upshot is an ongoing variance in indoor temperatures.

Variable speed compressors have longer and slower running times, create an even temperature distribution, abolishes hot/cold spots, prevents drafts, and maintains consistent and continuous comfort.

Affordable Geothermal Alternative
Geothermal Heat Pumps, also known as ground-source heat pumps, are considered to be the most energy-efficient type of HVAC system available. They use the stable temperature of the earth to heat and cool a home and highly efficient in both heating and cooling, making them very attractive for those who want to save energy costs.

However, the installation of geothermal heat pumps can be more expensive compared to other types of HVAC systems, due to the cost of drilling or digging the holes or trenches necessary to install the underground pipes. Also, the process of installation can be invasive and require some property excavation.

Fortunately, Zuba offers exceptional energy efficiency at a considerably lower price by integrating with your existing ductwork. 

Zoned Heat Pump for Maximum Comfort
A zoned Heat Pump system allows greater temperature control in different areas (or zones) of a home. The thermostats in each zone communicate with a zone panel to allow control over the the heating and cooling output for different areas of your home.

By having a zoned system, you can improve comfort and reduce energy expenses. For example, you can set the temperature in the bedrooms to be cooler than the living room or set the temperature in the basement to be warmer than the upstairs.

Mitsubishi Cold Climate Heat Pump
MXZ H2i® Multi-Zone System

Mitsubishi MXZ H2i® Multi-Zone SystemThe MXZ H2i® Multi-Zone System is designed to provide both indoor comfort and energy savings. These systems are able to heat or cool multiple zones in a home, making them a versatile solution for homes of different sizes and layouts.

Multi-Zone Systems are useful for homes with rooms that are not connected to the main HVAC system, such as sunrooms, remote bedrooms, home additions, remodeled basements, or garage apartments. These systems can heat or cool one room or a large five-bedroom house with vaulted ceilings. 

The MXZ H2i® Multi-Zone System can provide comfort and control in up to eight different zones. Additionally, the indoor units of the MXZ H2i® Multi-zone system come in a variety of styles, which can blend seamlessly with any decor.

Energy Efficiency
The Mitsubishi MXZ H2i® Heat Pump System is available with a SEER between 19.1 and 17.0 and an HSPF between 11.3 and 9.8. Since it's ENERGY STAR® rated, Canadian homeowners who buy one may be eligible for utility rebates and other energy-efficient incentives.

Quiet + Powerful
The Mitsubishi MXZ H2i® Heat Pump is designed to be extremely quiet with a noise level of only 49 dB(A) which is lower than normal conversation noise level.

This quiet operation makes the MXZ H2i® Heat Pump ideal for homes where noise is a concern, such as bedrooms or living areas. Furthermore, the MXZ H2i® Heat Pump hot-start technology generates immediate warmth and reduces drafts the moment it cycles on. 

Inverter-driven Compressor
Heat pumps with inverter-driven compressor technology are energy efficient compared to traditional HVAC systems. The inverter-driven compressor allows the heat pump to run at varying capacities between 0% and 100% depending on the temperature needs of the space in real-time. This contrasts with traditional systems that have fixed-speed compressors that run at 100% capacity, resulting in energy wastage.

The long, slow running cycles of inverter-driven compressors allow the heat pump to maintain the thermostat setting without cycling on and off. Less energy is wasted and electric bills can be significantly reduced.

Fresh Filtered Air
The Mitsubishi MXZ H2i® Heat Pump is equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to help remove particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander from the air inside your home. This can help to improve indoor air quality and reduce the symptoms of allergies or asthma.

Cold climate Heat Pumps use advanced technology such as inverter-driven compressors, hot-start technology, and cold climate heat exchanger design to ensure they can operate at low temperatures without losing efficiency. These features maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while minimizing energy consumption, which can result in significant savings on energy bills.

If you're looking for a reliable and long-lasting heat pump, contact Our track record of faithful operation and longevity is a testament to our commitment to quality. Additionally, be sure to check out our heat pump rebates and incentives to save even more money.

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