Dual Fuel Heat Pump:  Heat Pump and Furnace Combo Advantages

The type of heating system you have installed is a key factor in the comfort level in your home. For example, a Heat Pump and Furnace Combo is one option that has several important advantages. This dual system utilizes the benefits of a gas furnace with a heat pump. The total cost of the system is determined by the type of energy and the design of the system.

Regulating indoor temperatures during the hot and cold months of the year can be challenging. The type of HVAC system plays a huge role in determining whether you’ll stay comfortable throughout each season. It also affects the total cost of your monthly heating bills. Outdoor temperatures can be extreme, but there are also other reasons that the home might heat or cool inefficiently. The type of system you have in the home is affected by the type of energy used. For example, many traditional heating systems relied on either electricity or gas, but not both.

Compare the benefits of the Heat Pump and Furnace Combo with a qualified HVAC provider in order to make informed decisions about how to stay comfortable all year.

Advantages of a Dual Fuel Heat Pump:  
Heat Pump and Furnace Combo

Heat pumps and gas furnace combo systems give homeowners the ability to enjoy indoor temperatures all year long. This is possible through specific advantages of installing and maintaining a dual system. Dual heating systems utilize a thermostat trigger to change from one fuel source to another.

Previous generations of HVAC systems were designed to work exclusively with electricity or gas; however, it’s now possible to compare these older systems against the potential benefits of the dual system, which is newer.

Selecting a Heat Pump and Furnace Combo System should account for all the variables. It’s important to understand that the heating and cooling system you have installed must be maintained properly in order to function as intended. The ability of the thermostat to trigger the change from electricity to gas is a huge factor in how long it takes to reach the set temperature on the gauge. A well-maintained system is more responsive; therefore, it requires less fuel to reach the setting on the thermostat.

Modern Dual Heating System

Ductless heat pumps are designed to move warm air throughout the home by transferring air that is already warm. This doesn’t require any combustible fuel, and this makes it an efficient method for warming the home. The typical heat pump is at least three times more efficient than similar heating options that require combustible fuels, for example. If your home has a heat pump, it’s probably a split-system. This means that one coil is inside of the home, and the other coil is on the outside. This allows ductwork to route the air through the heating system.

Heating systems can be upgraded to allow the Heat Pump and Furnace Combo option. The modern dual-system designs make it possible for the heat pump to work with a gas furnace.

This is an important innovation; it allows you to benefit from both types of heating systems. When there is only a slight increase in the amount of heat, the refrigerant flow is reversed. This effectively causes the warmest air to circulate through the home, which mimics the classic function of a heat pump. The amount of heat required is part of the preset temperature gauge of the thermostat.

Controlling energy costs is part of the general concept of energy efficiency. This can be done by increasing the efficiency of the energy system and the fuel sources used. The dual heating system is regulated via the thermostat setting. The actual setting on the thermostat can be modified, but this might require the homeowner to contact the dealer of that specific system.

The Heat Pump and Furnace Combo System enables a temperature trigger to occur, and this changes the source of the fuel. 

This is caused by a specific temperature setting. Once this level is exceeded, the gas furnace will kick in up to the point of the thermostat’s setting. This is the same procedure used by the dual system to deal with excessively cold days during the winter. The end result is a reliable source of heat that has a consistent spread throughout the entire home.

Total Cost of Heating the Home

The cost of heating the home is known as the total cost. This includes the heating system type and the installation costs. However, the cost of the fuel itself will factor in to the total cost of regulating the indoor temperature. The cost of heating the home is a reflection of the type of system used, but it’s also affected by other issues related to the fuel source itself.

Make sure to calculate all of these factors together before deciding on the total cost of heating the home.

For example, the total cost of heating the home is often affected by sudden changes in the price of fuel. This is an external variable that can’t be controlled by the homeowner. However, the cost of energy is just as important as the type of system that is using it.

The maintenance of the system also impacts the total cost of heating the home, so all of these factors should be considered to arrive at the total cost.

Advantages of Heat Pump and Furnace Combo System

Dual heating systems combine the best of both gas furnace and heat pump systems. Securing a reliable source of warmth for the home must be weighed against the costs involved. The total cost might vary depending on the cost of electricity or gas, but it’s still possible to estimate this cost to a reasonable degree.

The main advantage of the Heat Pump and Furnace Combo option is that homeowners in Ontario get a consistent spread of heat. A well-maintained gas furnace is good at getting the home to the thermostat’s setting; however, the home will also be able to heat efficiently when the heat pump is active. This cools and heats the temperature through the central controlling system, or thermostat.

The benefits of both systems enable the most enjoyable results during different outdoor conditions. Compare these advantages to previous systems that had the capacity to only utilize one source of fuel. The energy savings on the dual system can also lower the costs of heating the home. However, this depends on a variety of external factors including the distance of the home to the nearest power plant, for example.

The price of fuel is also influenced by other market forces, like the current rates of the utility company. Some homes might be operating from a utility grid owned by a private company, which tends to yield unstable prices that vary with the supply and demand. This can make the cost of heating unpredictable.

Keep in mind that the total cost is affected by the sum total of every variable involved, and you should be able to make reasonable estimates.

Upgrade Your Home Heating and Cooling System 

Homeowners with an older air conditioning system might be able to upgrade to a dual system. This must be performed by a qualified, licensed professional. The benefit of the dual system includes lowered monthly bills, even spread of heat and a reliable source of temperature regulation throughout all seasons of the year. Ensure that your home stays comfortable all year long by selecting the right heating system for your situation.

Although in some cases, a traditional electric or gas furnace might work fine, the option of installing the Heat Pump and Furnace Combo System should certainly be considered carefully. The switch on the thermostat can make a difference in the total cost of heating the home, and this offset might help you to recover the costs of installation.

Keep in mind that energy prices reflect a variety of factors; the home heating system is just one of these elements that determine the total cost of keeping your house warm.

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