Zuba Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump with Hyper-Heat Technology

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has been supplying heating and cooling equipment to shops, offices, homes and many other buildings for over 100 years. They offer a variety of systems to suit everyone in your family or office. Their wide range of systems includes solar power refrigerators, cooking products like microwave ovens and ventilation systems.

Recently, Mitsubishi has introduced their Zuba Heat Pump with Hyper-Heat Technology which is designed for cold weather climates.

Zuba Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump with Hyper-Heat Technology

The technology known as Hyper-Heat (H2iTM) uses a patented coil that operates at high speed, is durable and has low weight. This model has a three stage condensing system and comes with an Electronic Control Board that gives the consumer the option to choose between comfort, heat and economy. The heat pump can be controlled by a remote controller or directly from the Zuba Heat Pump's self-diagnosis system. The remote controller also controls several Mitsubishi Heat Pump's for convenience.

The construction of the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump has been a revolution inside homes and buildings by providing exceptional comfort and energy efficiency in space heating and cooling. The Zuba is equipped with a nine-stage hyperheat system which delivers astounding efficiencies of 99% .

Zuba operates on a 9-stage Heat Pump heat exchanger system that blends the indoor and outdoor temperature to provide a continuous flow of energy at the highest efficiency. With its small footprint and compact design, Zuba will fit into nearly any home or office space.

About Mitsubishi Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is the leading manufacturer of heat pumps and air conditioners in North America. With manufacturing facilities in Burlington, Ontario, Canada; and its distribution offices located in North America serving customers in more than 40 countries. With a wide range of heat pump solutions including geothermal, air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground source heat pumps, designed for use in all climates and for residential, light commercial and large commercial applications. 

A heat pump is a great and efficient way to heat your home. It also provides additional benefits in the summer months because it can cool your home at the same time as heating it. Heat pumps usually save homeowners up to 50% off their electricity bill compared to other heating systems. 

Home Efficiency Initiative Grant

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