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In the market for a heat pump for sale in Canada? In the long run, heat pumps use less energy than central HVAC systems, space heaters, and windows. With heat pumps, you can lower your home's energy costs while still enjoying warmth. 

heat pumps for sale in CanadaAre you looking for heat pumps for sale in Canada? Make the most of your energy savings by reducing heat loss in your home. Whatever the weather in Toronto, will keep you warm while keeping your energy bills low. stocks heat pumps in Toronto because customer comfort is one of our main priorities. Many Toronto homes are still without adequate heating systems. 

Let's take a look at heat pumps for sale in Canada. At, we supply heat pumps without using fossil fuels.

Heat Pumps For Sale in Canada: Choosing the right solution for your home

With ductless heat pumps in Canada, you not only save money, but also space. A ductless system mounts to an exterior wall, eliminating concerns over the quality of the air. With heat pumps, you can control the temperature in each room individually.

The benefits of ductless heat pumps include:

  • A reduction in carbon footprint
  • Reduced energy bills
  • A comfortable living environment

Air quality is lowered when the same air is recirculated indoors. There is no ductwork involved in using a heat pump to filter air coming from outside, so you don't have to worry about dirty air ducts. The quality of indoor air can have a positive effect on your health.

The installation of a heat pump is an easy way to save energy. Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps provide Toronto homeowners with year-round comfort. Heating components could only be used above 0°C in the past.

Zuba System:

With the Zuba heat pump system, you can work at temperatures as low as -30°C, and you can install it with newly installed or existing ductwork. Additionally, a defrost mechanism provides heating between defrost cycles. 

Mitsubishi MXZ H2i® Multi-zone

Canadian homeowners can enjoy indoor comfort and save energy with MXZ H2i® multi-zone systems. The MXZ H2i® can control up to eight zones. Units can be chosen to fit any decor.

Greener Homes Grants: Get $5k

With every passing year, efficiency becomes more and more important. Modern technologies make it possible for homeowners to save energy and reduce their utility bills.

The Canadian government offers incentives to homeowners who upgrade their homes. The Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative is one recent program.

The Canadian government offers home-improvement allowances to eligible homeowners. Grants for energy efficient home improvements are also available for up to $5,000 under the Greener Homes Grant Initiative. 

Canada has set a goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 with this program. Despite the fact that homes produce the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, using modern technology will help to make them more sustainable. Job creation is another goal of the initiative.

Am I eligible for a grant?

The Greener Homes Grant program is available to homeowners who have lived in their homes longer than 6 months. In order to apply for the grant, you will need: 

  • A homeownership certificate
  • Tax bill number 
  • Utilities bill
  • Government identification
  • Document proving primary residence

Buildings with multiple units may qualify for more than one grant. Additionally, organizations that have multiple homes are eligible for grants.

Eligible Upgrades:

Reduced energy consumption can be achieved through programs that promote air-sealing. In addition to receiving $550 for improving the airtightness of your home, you can also earn up to $1,000 for exceeding the target. 

An energy-efficiency grant can be used to replace old windows or doors so that no heat or energy is lost. You can receive the following:

  • $125 per Energy Certified window or door replacement 
  • $250 if you use an Energy Star most efficient unit

Additionally, heat pumps are covered as a solution for heating. Up to $5,000 is available for heat pump purchases and installations.

Greener Homes also reimburses homeowners who install solar panels. Depending on the power capacity of your system, you can receive $1,000 for every 1.0 kW you have.

Repairing, and Installing Heat Pumps in Canada

In addition to reducing utility bills, energy-efficient systems are environmentally friendly. The Greener Homes Grant Program reimburses homeowners for sustainable technology investments. 

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