Are you looking for heat pumps Keswick residents?

Looking for heat pumps Keswick residents you are in luck. Originally called Medina, Keswick was originally part of the Regional Municipality of North Gwillimbury. For Toronto residents, the area used to be a cottage country. Keswick has grown to a population of about 26,000 and is part of Georgina. is proud to provide heat pumps to corporate and domestic customers in Keswick. Heat pumps in Keswick and Toronto are becoming very popular. Especially in rural Keswick - a heat pump is a great option. Read more about Heat Pumps for a Rural House.

Heat pumps can keep homes in Keswick warm and comfortable throughout the winter. The use of heat pumps is a cost-effective and practical solution for home heating. Canada is in the midst of phaseout of natural gas, so now is the perfect time to install a heat pump in your home! Due to its carbon footprint, a tax on natural gas may help you make a more sensible and affordable decision.

Heaters in most houses consume too much energy and don't provide adequate comfort. Ductless heat pumps are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They enhance indoor comfort by saving energy.

The heating and cooling functions of heat pumps are similar to those of air conditioners. Heat pumps do not generate heat; rather, they move heat from places where it is not needed to places where it is. The fossil fuel footprint of heat pumps can be reduced with energy efficiency.

 The truth is that heat pumps are reliable, practical, and environmentally friendly. The following are some common myths associated with heat pumps:

  1. Heat pumps are not suitable for older homes
  2. Heat pumps are large and occupy a lot of space
  3. Heat pumps cannot heat water
  4. Heat pumps increase heating costs and are therefore expensive. 
  5. Maintaining heat pumps is a hassle

An installation technician considers the age of the building and targets vulnerable areas when selecting a heat pump. An installer can then advise you which heat pump is suitable for your home. Often, commercial installers consider the lifestyle of the occupants.

Energy-efficient heat pumps outperform gas boilers. In comparison, heat pumps produce considerably more heat than they require in terms of electricity. Since electricity costs more than gas or oil, heat pumps are more efficient and cheaper to run. 

It is possible to heat water with either air-to-water or geothermal heat pumps. You generally need to maintain your heat pump on an annual basis. Maintaining your heat pump system properly will extend its lifespan to up to 20 years. offers a full range of services for heating and cooling your home in Keswick. Whenever you hire our professionals, you are assured they will do the job right the first time. 

Ductless heaters and air conditioners from are all of the highest quality, fossil-free. Every heat pump we install meets the highest standards of energy efficiency. services heat pumps in Keswick, Brampton, Etobicoke, Georgina, Hamilton, Guelph, Mississauga, Vaughan and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Articles