Are you looking for heat pumps in Oakville? Alternatives to furnaces and air conditioners include heat pumps because they are clean, cost-effective and efficient. Oakville encourages the transition from traditional fossil fuel heating to alternative heating sources (such as air source and geothermal) in order to benefit from cleaner, renewable energy.

NOTE: customers may qualify to receive rebates for the purchase and installation of heat pumps.

As an Oakville homeowner, when it comes time to replace or enhance the heating equipment in your house, you are likely to do some research online before making any purchases. You may benefit from having so much information available, as it can help you gain insight into today's heating equipment. However, at the same time, it can also be quite confusing. There are a variety of innovative home heating options available today, and you can heat your home while saving energy at the same time.

In the wintertime, heat pumps provide homes with adequate warmth. Heat pumps offer versatility since they can be used for heating, cooling, and dehumidification. With a heat pump, you can enjoy year-round heating and cooling in your Oakville, Toronto home. Some people install electric heat pumps in addition to their gas or oil furnace - which can result in significant energy savings on their utility bills.


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In the summer, air source heat pumps provide air conditioning and in the winter they provide heating. Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and your energy bill while improving the comfort of your home. Choose from ductless or ducted systems based on your household requirements.

How does this benefit you?

  • Heating and air conditioning are responsible for almost 75% of energy consumption in a typical Oakville Heat pumps can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year on your heating costs.
  • Heating and dehumidification are more efficient with heat pumps than with window units and most central air conditioners.
  • Heat pump systems can significantly reduce household allergens, making them beneficial for individuals with allergies.
  • The reduction of fossil fuel consumption in your home improves home safety.
  • By converting to electric-powered air source heat pumps, you'll reduce your carbon footprint and dependence on imported fossil fuels.
  • Additionally, solar PV or other renewable sources of electricity can help offset the emissions from your heat pump.
  • Heat pumps using air as their source can be used as central solutions or to provide heat and cooling for individual rooms.
  • A modern air source heat pump can extract heat from the air at minus -25C.


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Need affordable heating and cooling in Oakville? Perhaps you should consider installing a heat pump through Heating is accomplished by transferring warm air instead of burning fuel. With, you'll have superior home comfort all year long, and you'll save money on energy.

Our heat pumps are manufactured by the most trusted brands in the business. Heating and cooling your home will be provided by these heat pumps at a price that works for your budget. As an added bonus, our heat pumps are eco-friendly, as they have obtained an Energy Star rating and use refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone layer.

Every home we service has individual energy needs, which is why we provide individual estimates and customized solutions. Among our services are furnace installation, water heater repair, boiler installation, and air conditioning repair.

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Discover how to significantly reduce your Heat Pump Installation costs. Secure up to 6.5K through Ontario's Heat Pump Rebate Program.

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